Just over ten years ago my family and I moved to Lubbock and I started working at my “dream job”. I didn’t even remember it was my dream job until about a month or two into my time here when I was talking to a lifelong friend who reminded me of what I said in 1999 when I was working at the Wesley Foundation at the University of Kentucky; “You know if I could ever do this at Texas Tech, it would be my dream job”.

That statement has turned out to be prophetic. This truly has been an incredible ride. I’m not about to announce my leaving and going to another place of ministry, so don’t get too excited or sad. I was asked to write about my time here. I grew up a huge fan of David Letterman so I think it is only appropriate that I make a top ten list of the things that I have learned while serving as the director of the Wesley Foundation at Texas Tech.

Here we go:
1. The history and depth of what God has done at the Wesley Foundation over the last 83 years are more than any of us can imagine. Daily I meet people who share stories of how God met them here and how they were eternally changed.
2. College-aged kids are CRAZY! I’ve never worked with a more loving, frustrating, committed, lazy, passionate, flaky, funny, adventurous, Jesus loving group of people. Each year brings a new matrix of chaos that I love to figure out and pour into.
3. There are many great places to hide in the Wesley Foundation. My favorite is in the crawl space behind Jesus’ stained glassed window in the prayer room.
4. Retreats are still the best thing we do at the Wesley. God works when we decide to remove ourselves from our routine and seek him. Countless changed lives, relationships and fun times have happened on those retreats.
5. God meets us in the basement on Thursday night! Worship, fellowship, prayer, food and the word make for a good combination. I’ve had alumni just walk into the basement and begin to cry as they reflect on the change that happened down there.
6. The folks that I have been blessed to work with on staff over the years have impacted me in tremendous ways. I could write a book about the way God has worked in, through and around them. Special “shout out” to Penny and Dallas! They were here on day one and I haven’t run them off yet.
7. Mission trips are probably the most formative thing we do at the Wesley. Over the years we have sent teams to more countries that I could even begin to list here. So many students “get it” on these trips and are deeply impacted.
8. We truly are standing on the shoulders of those that have gone before us. From directors, staff, interns, alumni and “friends of Wesley” those that have passed through the Wesley are deeply committed to it and support it with a fervor.
9. Working with college kids is just plain fun. I don’t think there has been a day that has gone by that I have not seriously laughed hard.
10. God has been so faithful. I am seriously moved when I think of the ways that God has shown up over the last 10 years. We have many “ups” and “downs” but God has been there. His fingerprints are all over this place.