Come with us to New Mexico for a full weekend of fun!

October 2nd-4th, Fort Lone Tree, $75 per person

Details about transportation arrangements will be given during the week prior.  We will be departing Lubbock in waves based on when you can leave and if you are driving yourself or riding with others.  The drive is around 4 hours.  The bulk of cars will be leaving between 1pm – 4pm.  If you need to leave after 4pm please let us know if your registration.  We’ll be leaving camp on Sunday morning around 11am.  You’ll have plenty of time to do homework if needed as we’ll have all of Saturday afternoon for free time!  After you register, we’ll put together groups of people able to leave around the same time and contact you with that information and help connect each of you together to coordinate the car rides.

COVID-19 Guidelines:

Transportation: You are welcome to drive yourself or ride with a group of roommates or close friends of the same sex.

Sleeping Arrangements: You are welcome to bring your own Tent Camping Arrangements if you would like or you are welcome to sleep in the bunk houses provided at the camp.  We ask that you bunk in the same area as those of the same sex that you drove to and back from retreat with.

Masks: Masks will be required to be worn while you are inside at anytime except for sleeping.  Additional masks will be on hand if needed.

Social Distancing: We ask that you do your best at maintaining 6ft of distance from others while at retreat.

Extra Precautions: For those that would like to take extra precautions, we will be offering a red wristband to wear for the weekend to help others know to give you extra space throughout the weekend.

Hand Sanitizer Stations: We will have hand sanitizer stations throughout camp and will ask for frequent hand washing.

Negative Test Result: Every person WILL BE REQUIRED to have photo proof of a negative test leading up to retreat.  We ask that you schedule a test ahead of time so that you have enough time to get your test back leading up to retreat.  There are plenty of free quick test sites available in town.

Schedule Your Tests: Walgreens Appointment Link & On-Campus Walk Up Testing are both free tests.  Please schedule your test as soon as possible so that your testing can

Registration Here