Sign up for a fun game of Assassins!!!  A game of “tag” that is city wide… Wesley Wide…  You’ll be assigned a person to squirt with a water gun on April 1st at Underground.  Once you tag your target, you will get their target as your next assignment.  The game continues until we crown a winner!  There will be some fun immunities thorughout the game, so keep an eye out for those.  We’ll also be posting more official game rules here soon!

Sign Up HERE


Off limit areas:

  1. During their work
  2. During class
  3. During worship
  4. During small groups
  5. Inside the Wesley building PORCH IS FAIR GAME
  6. Co-op is off limits (parking lots included)
  7. If you are in an online zoom call for a scheduled class time you are safe. If it is anything else, including quizzes, tests, etc, the second the professor ends the zoom call you are no longer immune.

Proof of elimination must be sent to Brad or Jacob to confirm the kill.

Can only eliminate with a water gun.

Once your target is killed, you acquire their target.

The game starts at 8 am, April 2nd

Immunities (when worn) will make players safe from elimination.

Immunities will be communicated to all participants as needed.