Brad Shine

Director of Missions


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When I think of everyone who has come before me since the Wesley was founded in 1935, and the chapters since, I am incredibly blessed for my last 7 years at the Wesley. The Lord met me as a non-believer my freshman and sophomore years. Since then, I have chased after the Lord, sometimes slowly and painfully, but ultimately to look more and more like Him. THAT’S SO COOL!!!

I like to think of myself as a jack of all trades, and love to learn new skills. I love to tell stories, play board games, be painfully vulnerable, and give people my energy and enthusiasm!!!

As long as I can remember, I have had a deep passion for animals and stewardship of the Earth. MAN, I LOVE BIRDS! My current life list of different bird species is: 326. I sometimes feel like I’m 80, because I take pictures of birds for fun. I love seeking solitude with Jesus in the wilderness, and have had some of the best Church services in my Jeep driving to the middle of nowhere.

I am SO pumped about missions this year and all of the students’ lives that will get changed by going where He calls: Haiti, or Juarez, or even on campus! 

This year is going to be filled with Jesus working in crazy ways through the Wesley, just as He has done for the last 83 years. I hope you will be a part of that by attending, pouring into our students, or by supporting us financially!  

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