Since 1984, we have  annual gone on  both international and domestic Mission Trips. Through the years we have gone to over 15 different countries as well as  20 cities across the nation.  God has faithfully met students on these trips to change their lives forever.  In fact, Wesley Alumni are currently serving in 6 countires, and hundreds of cities across west Texas and the nation. 

We believe that being missional is not just for some, but for every Christian.  We hope that during your time at the Wesley, that you would be “on call” to where God might be leading you. Mission trips and service opportunities are challenging,  also incredibly rewarding. 

Contact our Missions Director Brad Shine for more information :  brad@ttuwesley.org


Date: 3:30-5:00 every Wednesday
Partner Ministries: Elevate Hope
Location: 2005 Avenue T, Lubbock, Texas

Date: September 2018
Partner Ministry: Backyard Missions 
Location: Lubbock, Texas


Dates: Spring Break,  March 7-17, 2019
Partner Ministry: North West Haiti Christian Ministry
Location:  Môle-Saint-Nicolas, Haiti
Cost: $2250


Dates: Winter Break,  December 2018
Partner Ministry: Proyecto Abrigo
Locations: Juarez, Mexico 
Cost: $250



Dates: Summer 2019
Locations: India
Cost: $